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About Hylo Venice Rec and Ag Society

Our History

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Before the current Hylo Agricultural Hall there was a school in the 1960s, then that building was repurposed into a community centre. Then that structure was removed and the current facility was removed and the current facility was built in the 1990s

Membership Information

Becoming a member of the Hylo Venice Recreation and Agricultural Society costs $5 for the first year, and after that $1 annually.

Members get voting rights at the annual AGM meeting

Members get 1 booking per year at a reduced rate

Members are expected to volunteer for 1 event per year at minimum

Contact Sylvia Broadbent or Claudia Theroux for more information




Sylvia Broadbent

Vice President

Dianne L'Hereux


Yvonne Zevola



Claudia Theroux

Caitlin Benuik

Jocelyn Ouellette

Debbie Jansen

Ken Kaufman

Lara Walker

Liz Shaffer

Robert Jansen

Kevin Pare'

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